About The Blog Author Mr. Batalmea Crightney

Mr. Batalmea Crightney is an accomplished certified Immigration Consultant with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC), the designated authority of Citizenship and Immigration Canada, to govern Immigration Consultants. Mr. Crightney has many years of Immigration experience, and retains a vast knowledge of litigation and immigration experience, having worked for large Global Immigration Law Firms as their immigration legal representative on immigration matters including international projects, business planning and financial management.

Mr. Crightney holds a Law & Political Science Degree, and an Immigration Consultant Diploma. He also has completed professional training and development in Public Relation-Canadian Management, Business Management and a Harvard University Business School Operative.

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Why Choose Us Choosing Crightney Immigration Inc. an Immigration Consultant Firm or Other Immigration Lawyer Firms? When submitting an immigration application, you can attempt to do it yourself or hire a licensed and trained professional to assist you. Although the...

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