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Every year, numerous overseas students flock to Canada to pursue their higher education.Canadian degrees, diplomas, and certificates are considered internationally equal to equivalent degrees in the United States & other Common wealth nations. Canada is known for its world-class higher education system and has a vast variety of degree programs. You can find a course in everything from humanities to health and technology, and also some very specialized environmental programs. There are also a number of English Language Schools and French Language Schools offering side activities such as camping, skiing, etc. While the quality of education rivals the United States and the United Kingdom, the cost of tuition and living are considerably lower. The fact that the Global Peace Index ranks Canada among the World’s top ten safest countries has also contributed in its popularity among international students.

As obtaining a student visa also known as a study permit for Canada involves a complex process, it is best to leave it to professionals. To make the process smooth and hassle-free, you can seek assistance from Crightney Immigration Inc., one of the leading Immigration Consultancy firms in Brampton, Mississauga, and Toronto Ontario. They are widely recognized for their superior service and competitive pricing. They benchmark themselves with their peers of equal experience, and set their prices to be more competitive while always providing the highest quality of service. Through their vast industry experience and knowledge, they have helped numerous students successfully obtain a student visa also known as a study permit for Canada.

To evaluate your chances of obtaining a Canadian student visa also known as a study permit, they delve into several crucial factors.

Student Study Permit Assessment Factors:

  • The program you want to enroll in;
  • The educational Institute/University you want to study at;
  • Your age;
  • Your nationality;
  • Your financial status to cover the tuition fees, living expenses, & return transportation to your home country;
  • Your character;
  • Your state of health – a medical examination may be required;
  • Your ability to convince the immigration officer that you’ll leave Canada once you have completed your studies.

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