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Crightney Immigration Inc. Will Help You Obtain Tourist Visa Canada

Crightney Immigration Inc., is a well known name in the Immigration Consultancy sector. Based in Brampton, Mississauga, and Toronto Ontario, the firm has gained huge popularity owing to its reliable and highly efficient services that help people get through their Canadian Immigration process easily. The firm caters to different areas of Canadian Immigration such as Visitor Visas, Family sponsorships, Student Visas, Live and work in Canada, Express Entry, Temporary Resident Visa (Tourist Visa Canada) and many more. With a highly experienced and knowledgeable team of Immigration Consultants and affiliate Immigration Lawyers, the firm has been able to maintain the top most position in the region by helping their clients achieve their Immigrations goals with ease.

In case you are willing to get a Tourist Visa for Canada to visit a friend or family member living in Canada or to spend a holiday in the beautiful country, you must consult Crightney Immigration Inc. A Temporary Resident Visa also known as the Tourist Visa allows foreign nationals to enter Canada temporarily either for leisure (tourists) or for business purposes. The Temporary Resident Visas can be categorized as:

  • Single Entry Visa: this Visa allows foreign nationals to visit Canada only once, which means if the person has visited the country once, he/she cannot enter the country again until a new visa is issued.
  • Multiple Entry Visa: this allows non-immigrants unlimited entry into Canada till their visa expires or exceeds validity.
  • Transit Visa: this visa is issued to foreign nationals who are traveling and whose flight or bus enters Canada for less than 48 hours.

Facing difficulty getting a Tourist Visa for Canada? Crightney Immigration Inc. will help you get through it. The team of consultants at the firm is well versed with the Immigration process, and will guide you through each and every step, making it easily possible to achieve your immigration goals. The consultants will check your eligibility status at first and will let you know all the documents you need to provide while applying for a tourist visa. Once all your documents are checked by the staff and approved, they will help you in filing the documents and helping you in getting your visa. For more information, please browse through or ask a question or leave a query at [email protected], or call at //+1 (647) 556-1771 for a free assessment.