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Post Landing Assistance

At Crightney Immigration Inc. we offer Post-Landing Assistance to assist you when you arrive in Canada. We understanding that settling in a new country can be difficult however, with our Post-Landing Assistance service you can rest assured for a smooth transition into Canada.

See below for a list of our services we can provide after you arrive in Canada:

  • Assistance applying for a Health Card, Social Insurance Number & Driver’s License;
  • Airport pick up to transport you and any guest to your destination;
  • Arranged accommodation with a hotel;
  • Support with obtaining a real estate broker, real estate agent and bank representative;
  • Assistance in opening a bank account, storage locker, and obtaining a credit card;
  • Assistance with taxation representatives, accountants.

For further information please contact us at [email protected].

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To apply for a visitor visa for Canada, follow these step-by-step instructions.

To apply for a visitor visa for Canada, follow...

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