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Obtaining spouse sponsorship to Canada is not an easy process. Although both inland and Outland sponsorship are viable methods for Canadian immigration, it is important that you understand the differences between the two in order to make the right choice. At Crightney Immigration Inc., we try to make this choice easier for you with our extensive knowledge of the Canadian immigration process along with the desire to assist people achieve their respective immigration goals.

However, it is important to know that the final decision always lies in the hands of the visa officer reviewing your application. In addition, to providing all the required documents, you need to prove that you and your partner are in agenuine relationship. Providing a large application package with pictures, receipts & other documents, which cannot be fabricated easily can go a long way in ensuring that your spousal sponsorship is successful. With so many cases of immigration fraud taking place around the world, visa officers spare no effort to keep fraudulent relationships, like “marriages of convenience,” away from Canada.

At Crightney Immigration Inc., we have a team of highly experienced visa counselors, Immigration Consultants, and Immigration Lawyer affiliates who help applicants avoid common mistakes, which may lead to the rejection of their application. It’s far too often that spouses fail to get sponsorship because of accidentally withholding information from the visa officer. Being experienced immigration consultants, we understand all such problems and try our best to avoid them. Our expert assistance can give you peace of mind & help you show your application in the best possible light.

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