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Proof Of Settlement Funds Has Increased For Express Entry Applicants

Proof Of Settlement Funds Has Increased For Express Entry Applicants

The Government of Canada has increased the settlement proof of funds requirement. The amount of money you need to support your family is set by the size of your family. For example, for a single person arriving unaccompanied in Canada, there is an increase from $12,474 to $12,669. All Federal Skilled Worker Class Program and the Federal Skilled Trades Class Program applicants must show proof of funds, which are required to ensure the principal applicant and their accompanying family members have the financial means to support themselves once they settle in Canada as permanent residents. Applicants applying under the Canadian Experience Class Program are exempt from having to prove they have the minimum settlement funds. Number of family members funds are required in Canadian dollars.

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Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship Program

Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship Program

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has announced the Parents and Grandparents Program will be opening in late January 2019. Last year IRCC announced that it will accept 20,000 applications for the sponsorship of parents and grandparents in 2019. The Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship Program will be available to Canadian citizens and permanent residents meeting the eligibility requirements who wish to sponsor their parents and grandparents. An important factor for sponsors will be to demonstrate they have minimum income requirements, evidence they can financially support their dependents and the applicant(s). Applicants being sponsored must also meet other immigration requirements.

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B.C. PNP opens a new Regional Pilot program for immigrant Entrepreneurs

​The British Columbia (BC) PNP program is intended to support regional communities to attract entrepreneurs with a desire to start businesses, create jobs and settle in regional centers of British Columbia. The Program is set to begin in 2019. Communities must be located farther than 30 kilometres from a population centre of fewer than 75,000 people in order to be enrolled in the pilot.

The entrepreneur must conduct an exploratory visit to the community where they wish to set up their business, and must be granted a community referral before registering for the program.

Approved entrepreneurs will be issued a work permit to enable the entrepreneur to operate their business. The BC PNP will also issue a nomination certificate for permanent residence once it has been establish that the business has met all the Program requirements .

Eligibility factors:

The criteria targets entrepreneurs with a desire to start a business and settle in regional communities 

  • exploratory community visit
  • minimum of $100,000 in eligible business investments
  • minimum personal net worth of $300,000
  • minimum of 51% ownership
  • minimum of 1 new job created

As part of the exploratory visit, the foreign entrepreneur will present their business idea to the community’s designated contact person. The contact person will prepare a referral form for submission as part of the applicant’s BC PNP registration.

The Regional Pilot is intended for entrepreneurs who are starting a new business. Entrepreneurs wishing to purchase existing businesses are able to register/apply under the Entrepreneur Immigration category of the program.

Source BC PNP. 

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Francophone Mobility Program / French-speaking or bilingual workers outside Quebec

Many Canadian employers outside Quebec can hire foreign workers to work outside of Quebec and do not require a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) to hire the worker.  Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has made it easier for employers to hire French-speaking or bilingual workers outside Quebec. 

After hiring the foreign worker there are also additional options that may be available to allow the worker to become a permanent resident of Canada. To apply under the Francophone Mobility Program / French-speaking or bilingual workers outside Quebec Program contact us at 647-556-1781 or 1-800-556-4581 or visit us at 

Express Entry Draw

As of Monday October 15, 2018, 3900 invitations for Permanent Residency have been issued with an overall minimum score of 440 as a requirement.

IRCC implemented a “tie-break” rule, which was originally introduced on June 6, 2017 that allows the Officials to better manage Invitation Rounds.In this case, IRCC wished to issue 3900 ITAs (Invitations to Apply), therefore the CRS score and submission time of the 3900thcandidate in the pool will establish the minimum Requirement and most recent submission time of this particular draw.Previous to June 2017, any and all Candidates that met the minimum CRS score requirement in one draw were issued an ITA, but it made it hard for the Department to manage invitation rounds. Any applicants who received a score of 440 or higher and submitted applications before or on September 18, 2018 by 11:06 UTC were invited.

IRCC has now issued over 70,000 ITAs this year so far nearing their target of 74,900 new admissions for 2018 through Federal Skilled Worker, Federal Skilled Trade, and Canadian Experience Class.

Before this year is up and the target of ITAs is reached, complete our assessment form to determine your eligibility to apply for the Express Entry Pool by contacting us at or calling us at   1-800-556-4581 or at 647-556-1781.