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The Government of Canada has created a Spousal Sponsorship Program, which is a section of the Family Class Sponsorship Program that allows permanent residents and citizens of Canada to sponsor their spouse/common-law partner for Canadian PR (Permanent Residency). Both the sponsor & the sponsored partner must obtain approval from Immigration Refuges and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) formally Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) to ensure that the latter receives Canadian Permanent Residency.

There are 2 types of Canadian Spousal Sponsorship: Inland and Outland. If you or your spouse wants to immigrate to Canada, you may find it difficult to determine which of these options is the right option to choose. This is because there are several terms & clauses that you may not easily understand. This article attempts to explain the Canadian spouse immigration option & make the process easier for you.

Outland Sponsorship:

Outland sponsorship is applicable when a permanent resident or citizen of Canada decides to sponsor his or her spouse living in some other country. Even if a Canadian citizen or permanent resident lives in Canada with their foreign national spouse, they can submit an outland sponsorship application.

The application is processed through the visa office, which serves the applicant’s country of origin, or where they’ve legally lived for at least 1 year.Due to Canadian government’s support for reuniting families, in the past the outland application was usually processed through the visa office faster than inland sponsorship. However due to recent changes by the Canadian government the outland and inland sponsorship now has the same processing time.

The outland sponsorship also allows for appeal rights, which means in case the sponsorship application is refused, you have the right of appeal to Immigration & Refugee Board of Canada.

Inland Sponsorship:

Couples who are already living in Canada can choose from Inland or Outland sponsorship application. While applying for inland sponsorship, you can even apply for an open work permit; however, it comes with some limitations. For example, you cannot work until you receive the open work permit.

Inland Sponsorship may seem inflexible as the immigrant applicant is expected to remain in Canada during their application process. If the applicant leaves Canada, their application may be refused. In the event the applicant’s application is refused, the applicant does not have the right of appeal. However the applicant has the right to submit a judicial review, which is similar to an appeal.

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