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Temporary Work Permit Exemptions

Many foreign workers seeking to work in Canada are required to obtain a temporary work permit. A work permit allows a Foreign worker to work during the period for which the work permit is valid. Work permits can be issued as either open or employer-specific. Having an open work permit allows the worker to work for any employer, and an employer-specific permit allows the worker to only work for the employer listed on their work permit. 

There are certain jobs that do not require a work permit, such as Business Visitors, persons performing a specific type of work may be permitted to enter Canada without a temporary work permit. Some of the  jobs that do not require a work permit are clergy, expert witnesses, crew members in the transportation industry, news reporters, performing artists, film crews, and athletes and their coaches. 

A list of the jobs that do not require a work permit can be found here. 

Also international student in Canada do not require a work permit in order to work in an on-campus employment at their school.

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